The first project here is city-centre based, working with young disadvantaged girls in Kathmandu and with those at risk, to develop skills in food processing and preservation. The education programme also comprises business skills such as accounting, sales techniques and marketing, as well as leadership development; to enable the women to find jobs or start their own small-scale business. To stimulate the women’s self-esteem and make them aware of their rights, courses are also given in gender awareness, awareness of reproductive health and family planning. Preservation of the environment, waste management and compost preparation are also subjects on the agenda. Literacy and sewing are basic elements of the curriculum.

It has become obvious that there is considerable scope for expanding the initial programme, and another project has been started in the Kathmandu Valley with more or less the same curriculum as that in the city.

Gardening and mushroom cultivation for sale are activities that will generate an income to the women’s household. Understanding of easy compassion on peace will be conducted in rural high schools, and conflict management and self-esteem are developed through lectures.