The project is located at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus. Nsukka is a university town located about 100 km from Enugu, the capital of Enugu State. Many rural communities surround it. Because of the University, many girls who drop out of school for one reason or another move from the surrounding villages to look for unskilled employment within Nsukka town and the University campus. Usually they are hired as househelps and baby sitters, and some of them hawk cheap snacks like groundnut, bananas and bean cakes. Others hang around the hostels to fetch water, wash clothes or carry loads for students. Some take to prostitution and end up with unwanted pregnancy, which worsens their situation. The campus and the town therefore have many adolescents and young mothers who have no skills to help themselves.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen a skills acquisition centre for adolescents that was established on the campus. This was initiated to enable women who wanted their househelp and their school dropout relatives to acquire a skill that would help them in life. Some of the girls want to learn cookery, knitting, arts and crafts, hair dressing, soap and cosmetic making, in addition to sewing and basic keyboard skills.

The project aims to be self-sustaining with small payments from the students, which can be in kind if money for fees is not available. High-quality products from the skill centre will be sold, with any profits ploughed back into the project.