The objective of this project is to improve agricultural skills and production through functional adult education among rural women. The project is run in co-operation with Bibbo Women’s Association in Development. The programme involves training of women in practical skills and improvement of animal husbandry using scientific methods such as crossbreeding of indigenous cows for more milk and rabbit rearing, training in production of improved vegetables and fruits; and production of reference books from the training programmes for reference and sharing of information.

Courses have also been given in literacy, health care, environmental protection, women’s rights, and improved cultures and traditions, and also in bookkeeping, accounting and marketing.

A new programme comprises vocational training in tailoring, juice making and bakery, which will enable the women to earn an income from the products made with these skills.

A two-month course in business administration is offered to all women who have completed the vocational training.

Learning the techniques for tailoring in Luwero, Uganda